Sunday, October 19, 2008

Potty Training

My little girl decided 2 weeks ago that it was time to start potty training. She came to me & stated proudly "Potty" then headed for the bathroom. To my surprise when I put her on the toilet she actually went! She has now gone at least once everyday since then. I will be more on top of it when I'm not so pregnant but it is a great start to only having one in diapers, Yay.


Mrs. Renfro said...

Yay, EMY!!! She is such a little smarty pants!
I am anxiously waiting for the phone call that Noah is on his way. Any day now.
I will post those pics of your enormous belly soon. haha.

Sally Ann said...

Silly little girl! I wish Savannah would do more of that!

Lindsey Armstrong said...

She did so good during Jr Church...I felt sorry for her though...poor little girl couldn't get privacy with Ethan and Jacob there!

Come on baby Noah...we can't wait to meet you! ;)