Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am NOT Fake... But I am NOT Perfect!!

I am NOT fake... But I am NOT perfect.

I try to be kind to ALL God's creatures... But it's not always easy to be nice to those who are rude to you.

I do my best not to cuss... But I will admit one slips my lips every now & then.

I try to love everyone... But its hard to love those who hurt you.

I try not to judge those around me... But sometimes I feel better when I see the flaws of others rather than my own.

I try not to be a hypocrite... But tell me one person who is not.

I try to read my Bible & pray every day... But sometimes it's easier just to turn on the TV.

I try to live for God daily... But sometimes I just want to do what I want & not what HE wants for me.

I try to go to church every Sunday & Wednesday services... but sometimes it's easier to sleep in or sit back.

I am NOT fake, what you see is what you get... But I am NOT perfect, what you see is what you get!!

written by: Shannon M. Graham May 16, 2010