Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am NOT Fake... But I am NOT Perfect!!

I am NOT fake... But I am NOT perfect.

I try to be kind to ALL God's creatures... But it's not always easy to be nice to those who are rude to you.

I do my best not to cuss... But I will admit one slips my lips every now & then.

I try to love everyone... But its hard to love those who hurt you.

I try not to judge those around me... But sometimes I feel better when I see the flaws of others rather than my own.

I try not to be a hypocrite... But tell me one person who is not.

I try to read my Bible & pray every day... But sometimes it's easier just to turn on the TV.

I try to live for God daily... But sometimes I just want to do what I want & not what HE wants for me.

I try to go to church every Sunday & Wednesday services... but sometimes it's easier to sleep in or sit back.

I am NOT fake, what you see is what you get... But I am NOT perfect, what you see is what you get!!

written by: Shannon M. Graham May 16, 2010


Jenn said...

I love it Shannon! It is so true about us all. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Thank you :D & your welcome. Pastor's sermon today was about 'Fake God's' & it just made me think that how often do we as Christians appear 'fake' to those around us. We seem to be held to a higher standard just because we are Christian, which I do understand, however we are still human :D

Truth and Blessings said...

Aren't you glad that God doesn't see us in the same way that people do? He only sees Jesus. Yay!

Karen's Random Thoughts said...

Great poem Shannypooh. Love you.

Lindsey Armstrong said...

Very good Shannon! :)