Friday, June 12, 2009

The House

So I was wrong about the home inspection being our last BIG hurdle. We had the inspection today & it went great. There are a few things that we need to work on but its all just normal wear & tear from being built in 1974. Now we have to get through the VA appraisal. If they don't appraise the house for the amount that we offered then we have to either fork over the remainder {cause the VA will only approve the loan amount that the appraisal is for} or see if the homeowner is willing to come down in price to match it. We don't have money to fork over so if the homeowner isn't willing or able to come down to the appraisal price then we are back to square one of house hunting. So PLEASE pray that the appraisal will go well & preferably that the house will appraise for the amount already agreed upon.

An Answer to Prayer!!

So, Richard has a coworker that knows some things about computers yay!! He sent the hard drive to him & he informed us that he CAN save the files we want!!! I'm still going to have all my pics & videos from the first 7months of Noah's life! He also said that he can fix the hard drive altogether but there apparently are some known problems with the hard drive that we have so we may just see if Dell will replace it since we still have a warranty. Anyways.. Praise God for answered prayers... No matter how big or small they may be!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well... Our computer stopped working the other day. I'm on our laptop now. Richard just found out last night that either our hard drive is fried {argh} or just needs to be readjusted. We are hoping for readjusted or we could loose ALL our pictures & videos of Noah's entire life!!! Please pray,I don't want to loose those!


Well, i haven't posted much on our kids lately so here we go{I'll try to keep it short}.

Emily is doing great. She is incredibly smart with a great memory already. However she is still so stubborn & is indeed in the 'terrible 2s'. She is yet to be potty trained but has her good days where she'll go on the potty all day & then bad days were she just won't go{No matter what I do}. There are some days where she'll go every once in a while too. She also in a stage right now where she wakes up every night & climbs in bed with me. She absolutely loves to play with Noah, especially when she makes him laugh.

Noah is growing tall. We now have a walker for him & he will follow me around the house when he's in it. I think he's been eyeing our DVD's cause when I first put him in the walker he went straight to them & started pulling them off the shelves & trying to eat them lol. He also loves to ram into his sisters legs lol {she doesn't enjoy that too much}. He has finally learned to crawl forward but seems to still be learning the concept. I'm pretty sure he'll have teeth soon. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not yet lol. He loves his big sister & even sympathy cries when she gets hurt. Its so cute.

Unless their tired, hungry or just not feeling well Emily & Noah are pretty good with entertaining themselves which can be very helpful when trying to clean the house or cook dinner.


So its been awhile since I've posted anything on here. So here's part of our life the past few weeks or so...

We've been house hunting for a little more than a month now{technically longer but we weren't very active}. We put a bid on one house that was everything we wanted & in the neighborhood we wanted but was WAY under priced so we were out bid by $10k. So needless to say the house hunting continued. We saw this one that we really liked & went back to it a second time last week just to make sure. Well, we went to put a bid on it & of course it was bought already. The selling agent didn't change it in the computer but we found out that they had their inspection the day we went to bid on it. So again the house hunting continued. We planned an appointment for yesterday to look at this one house but were skeptical because the pictures didn't look the greatest. However the house was great with a fully fenced in yard {even a gate for the driveway!} and just beautiful. The owner of the house actually still lives in it & was there when we went to look at it. We also had our kids with us & so she was able to meet us all. So we put a bid on it. We just found out about an hour ago that our bid WAS excepted!!!! Yay PRAISE GOD!! Anyways.. we now have to get through the inspection. So just pray for us that all will go well with the inspection{I think this is the last BIG hurdle we have to go through}.

Just a prayer request for the owner & her family.. Her husband just died last week & she wants to move down south to live with her son & his family. So pray for everything to go smoothly not only for us but also for the owner{I can't remember her name}. I will keep you all updated as we go through the process.