Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, i haven't posted much on our kids lately so here we go{I'll try to keep it short}.

Emily is doing great. She is incredibly smart with a great memory already. However she is still so stubborn & is indeed in the 'terrible 2s'. She is yet to be potty trained but has her good days where she'll go on the potty all day & then bad days were she just won't go{No matter what I do}. There are some days where she'll go every once in a while too. She also in a stage right now where she wakes up every night & climbs in bed with me. She absolutely loves to play with Noah, especially when she makes him laugh.

Noah is growing tall. We now have a walker for him & he will follow me around the house when he's in it. I think he's been eyeing our DVD's cause when I first put him in the walker he went straight to them & started pulling them off the shelves & trying to eat them lol. He also loves to ram into his sisters legs lol {she doesn't enjoy that too much}. He has finally learned to crawl forward but seems to still be learning the concept. I'm pretty sure he'll have teeth soon. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not yet lol. He loves his big sister & even sympathy cries when she gets hurt. Its so cute.

Unless their tired, hungry or just not feeling well Emily & Noah are pretty good with entertaining themselves which can be very helpful when trying to clean the house or cook dinner.

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