Friday, November 6, 2009

Daily Workout Log

I've decided that I'm going to do a daily workout log{except Sunday} as well as a weekly weight-loss journal due to the fact that I hardly workout during the week but then I hope to have some weight loss by the next Fri. However this last week has proven what I already knew & that is that you have to actually workout somehow in order to loose the weight. Hmm.. how about that.

Today I spent 30min{Wii min, so more like 45min} on the Wii Fit & 2min running on the Treadmill. I was planning on no less than 5min on the treadmill but I think it might be broken so I'll have Richard take a look at it later. I know that 30min on Wii Fit doesn't sound like a lot but I was still short of breath & my legs were wobbly from it, so I guess I'm doing something right.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

You go girl! It's so easy to be fit with the Wii. I mean easy to stay motivated lol