Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Life the Past Five Months


So my weight loss journey has been on hold for too long now. I lost 10lbs from Aug 2010 until Nov 2010. Then I gained 6lbs from the holidays. Monday Jan 17th Richard & I started going to the gym again. I worked on stretching & cardio for about 45min. Tues I stretched & worked on the weights. Wed it was back to cardio. Thurs I didn't want to go but made it there for some more weights. Friday I did not make it to the gym but when I weighed myself today I have lost 2lbs, which makes my current weight 212.6lbs.


Noah has been slow to talk & hard to understand so we decided to have his hearing & speech checked. His hearing is fine however his speech was at 23%. Which is still average just on the low side. The speech therapist did say that she thinks he will be fine & start talking a lot more the next few months so she wants to see him back beginning of June just to be sure.

Emily is doing great. She is very smart & very sassy lol.


Life for me has been somewhat hard this past 6-7months. For those who don't know, my mom moved to southern CA beginning of July 2010. Her move has been hard on me, I know not just for me but this is my blog so there :) She was always willing to watch my kids when things needed to get done & the kids weren't allowing it so that has been a huge adjustment for me. The holidays were super hard, these were the first holidays without my mom in the past 26yrs. New Years Eve I spent with my kids & nephews bringing the new year in alone. When it hit midnight I became very sad & was depressed until I woke up June 9th. I have been feeling great since & really working on managing my time better, since I have always been terrible at it lol.

Anyways, I know this is kind of long & wordy but it is actually really condensed since it is about 6months worth of stuff haha. I hope to continue on my weight loss journey & be down to about 180 by June.

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