Friday, March 4, 2011

My Life as of Late

Hmm, so what have I been up to? Still working on the potty training with Noah, not pushing him so it is a slow process, but score Ms. Jan who got him to go potty in the nursery the other night! Woot :) Emily has been praying for our meals lately, it is also apparently very important to pray for movies & video games... but on a side note she has been "thanking God for coming into her heart so she can go up to the clouds with Him" :)

I finally made it to week two of a Bible Study & actually really read/studied my Bible for the first time. I've read it before(not all of it) but I have never really studied it, so that was exciting & a big plus for me :)

I have started working on decorations for VBS this year already. Very excited to be doing it again this year & absolutely love the drawing & painting beforehand, hoping not to have too many 3am bedtimes this time around however :) Especially since we have a couple extra months to work with.

Super duper excited about heading to Cali for a whole month to see my mom :) My kids & I are flying down to LAX super early Apr 4th, & by super early I mean plane taking off at 7:15am which is when my kids are normally waking me up :). Richard, however, can not make it until the end of the month :( He will be driving down & staying for a week. Then we will drive home around May3rd, which is already bittersweet... Can't wait to spend some much needed time with my mommy(yes I still sometimes call her mommy), grandma & aunt, as well as check out my mom's new church & make sure her friends are good people ;) J/J. Emy is really excited about riding on an airplane to see Maga(& we're going to the beach too!). This will be Noah's first plane ride, exciting. I will be taking tons of pics & videos during this trip :)

Now onto the dreaded weight loss that isn't really happening... I lost 2.5lbs but gained it back during the 3-4week stretch of crud bug in our house. It is so hard to get back in the habit of the gym when you were out of it for so long. Heading to the gym this upcoming Mon, I know I should be going now but a one car family doesn't always have that luxury, some day.... I plan on losing 12-15lbs by Apr 4th. Not trying to look good for a bathing suit(that will take a lot longer than 1month) just want to have a good start on losing this weight when I head down :)

Well that is my life as of right now, hope you enjoyed the reading :)

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Lindsey Armstrong said...

your blog looks great! I'm happy to see you blogging again! I'm going to give it another go...I think!