Saturday, September 15, 2012


Boy did I have a crazy busy summer. Directed VBS the last week of June. Mom visited in July. Took our BBC teens to Northwest Youth Camp the first week of Aug, which was a blast & I'm looking forward to next year. A lot more happened but I decided to go with the big events quickie.
Spent a wonderful family day in Seaside, Oregon. Finally have a reason to like Oregon :) Absolutely beautiful there. My sister & I took our kids to opening day at the Puyallup Fair. Of course it was a super hot day so we were somewhat miserable but still managed to have a great day :)
Emy started school on the 5th of September. She loves her school & was super excited about starting Kindergarten. She is definitely more comfortable this year & has made two new friends already :) Emily does keep trying to skip school, as she is not used to going to school five days instead of two yet.
I bought a Preschool book to start going through with Noah since he can't start preschool until next year. We have worked in it twice now & I can't believe how quickly he has picked up on it all. He traces lines & letters perfectly, well as perfectly as my handsome three year old can anyways :) Still working on recognition of letters but he can count to 10. Still don't know if he will be right or left handed. He seems more comfortable left handed but he keeps swapping.
Rich has finally come back home to a normal work schedule. Well as normal as a grave shift schedule can be haha. Military duties kept him away for about a week. Yes, I know I am incredibly blessed that it was only a week & that he was just a couple hours away, but its still a hard adjustment for our children who have recovered nicely with daddy back home now.
As for me, I am surviving. Had a pretty good schedule going but now with school in the mix & Rich's school schedule about to be thrown in I am trying to readjust. As you can tell me being up at 1am is not part of the schedule. Actually makes for a rough day, but I had coffee a little too late in the evening. So here I am still wide awake, typing away on a blog that I haven't written in for months & even reading through Twitter feeds so I can check up on my Y&R peeps. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of The Young & the Restless & have been since I was 12yrs old. Anyways, I have hit a plateau in my weight loss but on the plus side I have lost 20lbs since Jan. I am back under 200 which is closer to where I belong but I still have a few lbs to loose..
Well, there it is. The update of our precious little family. Now I'm going to attempt some sleep so my kids can enjoy my company tomorrow.

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