Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ten Things I am Thankful For

I know it's a little late but I just saw that I was tagged lol, & it's never too late to be thankful for something.

1} My Heavenly Father.... he has blessed me & my family with so much throughout the years

2} My Salvation.... I thank God for sending His Son to die for me so that I can someday enjoy the beauties of Heaven while enjoying the life He has given me here on earth

3} My Husband.... I am truly blessed to have someone who loves me & is willing to serve God with me, I am proud to be his wife & to raise two beautiful children with him

4} My Children.... Two of the most beautiful blessings that God has given me, I just pray that Richard & I can raise them to have the desire to serve & worship our Lord

5} My Mom.... for raising me in a home that serves the Lord... it may not have been a perfect life but mom made sure we were in church every Sunday morning, evening & Wednesday night

6} My Home.... It may not be my dream home but God didn't have to give it too me in the first place

7} My Siblings.... It sure made childhood fun with a brother to pick on & a sister to fight with, I love them both very much

8} My Friends.... I think I have some of the greatest friends out there... I'm glad God brought you all into my life

9} My this church I have found salvation, love, hurt, friends but most of all I have found an extended family that I love

10} My Pastor.... he is human, he has & will make mistakes but he is the best Pastor I have known... He preachs from the KJV Bible & he doesn't sugarcoat a thing, which I absolutely love

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