Friday, April 17, 2009

Any Advice Would HELP!

So Emily has put potting training on the back burner. I've helped with potty training other peoples kids working at the daycare/preschool & babysitting but it doesn't seem to compare to your own child who is just as stubborn as you are. She was doing so good but regressed when Noah was born. So now we'd really like her to use the potty to help save a few dollars in that area{& she hates to be changed soo...}. Any advice on how all you moms were able to potty train would be greatly appreciated.

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jeniferlm said...

OK, LOL. I'd give it a break for a month or so and then reintroduce it. She may need an adjustment period. Then get a potty video (I have 2 on my desktop even). Use it and let her pick out some special panties that you put up where she can see them that she gets to wear when she's done. I on the other hand deal with developmental delays so it's going to be a while!!!!