Monday, January 23, 2012


Jan 18th - Woke up to about 6" of snow at my sister's house. Had Rich come "rescue" my kids and myself so I could be stuck at home. When we got home I measured our snow :)
Our backyard.
Rich decided to clear the driveway. Which later turned into ice...
Our gates were all stuck closed.
You can barely see our steps.

Emy and Noah were pretty tired after playing at Auntie Stacey's house all morning and late last night.

Love the cracks on top of the snow. The top 1/4" layer was ice.
A late night play in the snow.
This was mid-snow-war. Oh yeah, he was at war. Punching and destroying the snow.
Caught with a huge chunk of snow/ice that she was sucking on.
Our yard is normally about 2" below the neighbors. We are now equal...

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